Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the Health Department had been directed to remain alert with Nipah virus spreading across the state. The government also has led the private hospital to treat the patients.
In fear of Nipah virus, the Tamil Nadu government has warned its people to avoid visiting Kerala. It is reported that Health and Family Welfare department has already issued alert to prevent holiday trips to Kerala especially Kozhikode and other nearby places. The department has warned the public to stay observant. People are strictly directed to avoid contact with people, who are affected by Nipah virus.

The government has issued a warning at Kerala –Tamil Nadu border districts namely Coimbatore and Nilgiri. The medical team has initiated special inspection there. The health inspection of passengers are being carried out at Chennai airport. 
Meanwhile, health and family welfare department's principal secretary, J Radhakrishnan, announced that there is no need to panic and that there is no threat of Nipah virus in Tamil Nadu. Precautions have been taken to control the spread of infection.
The Government has also made restrictions on fruits supply from Kerala. Fruits should not be consumed without peeling it,  warns the alert. 
However, Kerala government has been listing the number of those affected. The public health official, Dr K Kolandaswamy, has asked Kerala to update the details accordingly.