Malayalam actress Manju Warrier has joined the women fighting against Kerala Minister M M Mani, who made derogatory remarks against the members of Pembilai Orumai. The actor in her Facebook post said she is joining hands with the protesters in the struggle to regain respect. 

Condemning the statement made by the minister, she said he is supposed to ensure that he won't repeat such words in future. 

On Sunday, Mani had accused activists of Pembilai Orumai as anti-social and indecent. He said they were involved in indecent and anti-social activities during their fight against Kannan-Devan plantations in Idukki, demanding better wages and working conditions for women employees. Minister's statement sparked an instant furore and leaders of the movement started protest seeking an apology from Mani. 

Manju, in her post, said the statement of the minister gives a negative message. "A section of men believe that they can say or do anything to women. The statement made by Mani gives off a foul stench. The statement is unacceptable and amounts to character assassination," she said. 

"The fight of Pembilai Orumai had attracted national attention. Several persons had come up in support for them. With this statement, the minister has insulted all the women who are trying to stand on their feet and to reclaim self-respect. It is surprising that a leader of a party, which stood with people in all their struggles, made such a statement," Manju said. 

She also said that ministers are supposed to speak for the cause of women's rights and not otherwise. They should speak louder to society about the dignity of women. Instead of a mere apology, Mani should assure that such incidents will not be repeated, the actress wrote.