The eight-year-old Kathua girl was given intensive drugs and was in coma stage, says the forensic report. She was allegedly made to starve for days and before her death, she was in coma. The eight-year-old was reportedly given Clonazepam, a medicine that is strictly prescribed by the doctor for mental patients. The presence of 'Ganja' was also detected in her body.

It is due to these high dosage of medicines she refused to respond to the alleged gang rape. The medicines had slowed down her breathing and was akin to dying, says forensic experts. 

The Kathua girl was kidnapped on January 10th and was hidden in a nearby temple. After the 'pooja' conducted in the temple, the girl was administered high dose of drugs and was allegedly gang-raped in the holy premises. On January 14th, reports say that the temple priest and Sanjiram threw the girl's body right behind thick bushes. The girl's body was found on January 17th.

After the summer vacation, the courts will reopen and next week, the case will be presented in the Pathankot court and the forensic reports will be submitted.