The police have retrieved crucial WhatsApp messages sent by Jishnu Pranoy, the B-tech student whose death triggered a students' outrage in the state. The messages show that the deceased student was active in the online campaign for postponement of Kerala Technical University (KTU) examinations. The investigators suspect that the attempts to organize students might have invited the ire of the college management.


A grab of the WhatsApp message by Vishnu

Jishnu organised students against the illogical changes in the schedule of KTU examinations. The examinations originally planned for 2 December was first postponed to January and then it was rescheduled to 13 December, taking the students by surprise. KTU students had raised a protest across the state against it.


Jishnu tried to organise students of Nehru College of Engineering against the conduct of KTU examinations. The WhatsApp messages show that he had sent messages to state leaders of various students' organisations in connection with the campaign. He also circulated the letters he submitted to the education minister and KTU authorities. The police suspect that the management of the college was not happy with the move to organise students and they targeted Jishnu.


It was alleged that the Nehru College authorities tortured Jishnu, which finally led to his death. His parents complain that their son was murdered by college management. The college authorities claimed that the student committed suicide after he was caught copying during the examination.


Jishnu Pranoy was found hanging in the toilet of his hostel room early in January this year. The death whipped up an outrage in the student community across the state.   


 The investigators found that Jishnu was taken to the board room of Nehru Engineering College and was tortured on the day he was found hanging. The blood group of the blood stains found in the ‘torture room,’ matched with that of Jishnu’s, giving more credence to the allegations that the student was subjected to physical torture.