Pratham was recently accused for not keeping his promise by his friend Lokesh. Upset over it, he attempted to end his life by taking sleeping pills live on Facebook. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.


Looking hale and hearty, Pratham – who spoke to the media at KIMS hospital where he was admitted – clarified that he would have donated the money to farmers and martyrs had he received the prize amount. Since he has not been handed over the money, he was helpless, he said.


He admitted that it was in a spur of the moment that he decided to end his life after his close friend accused him. "However, it was a mistake," Pratham said.


He further said that he did not disturb any medical staff while he was in the hospital as reported in the media.


"I haven't hurt anyone. However, if my actions have hurt anyone, I apologise," said Pratham.