Jayalalithaa all through her political career worked for the welfare of people of Tamil Nadu that made her the much loved Amma of Tamilians. However, the beloved Amma had her political rivals and also the media was always kind to her. 


Despite the opposition and resistance, she became a fiery leader who would have celebrated her 69th birthday today. Jayalalithaa is known for maintaining her demure in public also knew how to defend the honour and set limits for others not to cross.


In an interview with a famous journalist, Jayalalithaa reasserts her political stature and gives befitting replies to the not-so-sensible questions. 


The popular interviewer asks questions about Jayalalithaa’s belief in astrology and numerology and tries to trick her into admitting something against her will. Annoyed by the entire tomfoolery, Jayalalithaa directly says, “I must say I am rather disappointed by the tone and tenor of this interview, you seem to rephrase almost every sentence, every question with the words ‘the press says’ or ‘media says so’.”  


Here is a clip of the famous interview you must watch: