Trollers were waiting for the moment. And they are merrily pounding their new prey- State Intelligence Chief ADGP BS Mohammed Yasin.


On Wednesday morning, Yasin sought an appointment with Revenue Minister E Chandrashekharan. He had an important matter to discuss with the minister. The minister readily obliged. Soon, Yasin turned up at the official residence of the minister.


E Chandrashekharan

Are you not VS Sunilkumar, the Agriculture Minister, asked the State Intelligence Chief, much to the surprise of Chandrashekharan. The minister told the visitor that he knocked at the wrong door.


"It's a big lapse (from the Intelligence Chief) that he did not recognise a minister," Chandrashekaran said later.


The goof-up triggered an instant controversy. Is this how our Intelligence wing work, wondered netizens. 


Yasin tried to pass blame on his chauffeur. "I had a new driver today. He mistakenly took me to the wrong minister," he explained. But the Intelligence Chief had no convincing explanation on how he happened to mistook Chandrashekharan for Sunilkumar.


Now, the social media is celebrating the 'intelligence failure' with hilarious comments. 

If this is the state of affairs in Kerala Police, the Chief Minister will have to appoint more advisers for the police department, a troller took a jibe.