Justice BV Acharya, public prosecutor of Karnataka Government played a major role in ensuring that the deceased Tamil CM Jayalalithaa, her trusted Sasikala and two others were convicted in the Disproportionate Assets case.

Here is a short interview with BV Acharya published in Kannada Prabha (KP).


KP: You have won the case how do you feel?

Acharya: I’m happy, finally justice has been served and the guilty have been convicted.


KP: Did you expect this verdict?

Acharya: Certainly, it was quite expected. The verdict of special court was accurate. Hence the case was upheld in the Supreme Court also.


KP: Then why the case was dismissed in the High Court? Did prosecution fail in High Court?

Acharya: No, CR Kumara Swamy, the then Justice of High Court had made some errors in comprehending the statistics.


KP: What will be the fate of Jaya’s properties?

Acharya: All the illegal properties hoarded by Jayalalithaa will be forfeited, seized.

KP: What are the points that made accused as guilty?

Acharya: This can be answered only after studying the judgement comprising 570 pages.


KP: Are there any options for Sasikala?

Acharya: Well, this is the final verdict of Supreme Court. She has no ways to evade the punishment.


KP: What is the role of Karnataka now?

Acharya: Even for that I’ve to study the judgement copy. The law minister of Karnataka has already said that the government adheres to the directions of the Supreme Court. We had more responsibility as the case was transferred to us and we have executed our duty by prosecuting the guilty. 


KP: Why it took 20 years to settle the case?

Acharya: The accused tend to delay the case if they are influential and financially sound.


KP: Who, according to you, are the other people who played major role in this case?

Acharya: N. Nallamma Naidu, Superintendent of Police of the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption of Tamil Nadu consolidated proper evidences that were necessary for this case. Justice John Michael D'Cunha, the special court judge in Bengaluru also gave a right verdict for this case.


KP: Did you have any pressure with regard to this case?

Acharya: Of course, yes. But I didn’t subdue to such pressures. The accused tried all ways to make me resign from my position. They tried to influence public prosecutor to take resignation from me. They even filed criminal cases against me to keep me away from my post. But the High Court dismissed the criminal case that was sued against me. I resigned from the post of Public Prosecutor only after the cancellation of criminal case. But the government appointed me again to the post and facilitated me to take up this case.