After giving a tough fight to Aamir Khan's Dangal, Rakshit Shetty is on cloud nine as his film Kirik Party is running to packed houses and set to make a collection of Rs 10 crore in the first week itself. 


In his exclusive interview to Asianet Newsable, he admits that the film soared far beyond his expectation.


Demonetization and the release of Dangal was a lethal combination for Kirik Party (KP). Were you scared for your movie's fate?


Yes! I was too scared as these factors are too big for other films to compete with. However, my gut feeling said people would watch a film if it was good and we just did that with KP. The people were waiting for a different film, and KP had that spark. The film has reached beyond my expectations.


The Kannada film industry was once monotonous in subject - only violence and machetes. However, these days directors are experimenting with new subjects. What is your take?


'Experiment' should be the mantra for every film these days to survive. Ulidavaru Kandanthe was my first film as both director and actor. On the first day, the trailer received 25,000 views on Youtube. With KP we reached 1.5 lakh on the first day. This makes it very evident that people like to see experimental cinema.


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You are facing a legal tussle with KP. A prominent recording company, Lahari, says that their music was copied. How are you going to deal the issue? Will you work out a mutual package to settle the dispute?


There is no question of compensation. Their claim in court will not stand a chance as they have failed to pinpoint the copying part of a particular song. In the film, we have given credit to music director Hamsalekha and Actor Ravichandran.  


The song composition and its lyrics are different and there no correlation with the old song 'Madhyaratili' from Shanthi Kranthi and the present song ''Who are you?' from KP.


In Sandalwood, it is generally assumed that newcomers will not survive as there is a dominance of the Rajkumar family, Darshan and Sudeep. What is your take?


It is very wrong notion. Every actor has achieved success by his/her sheer determination. Every decade brings a few new heroes. Shiva Rajkumar, Puneet Rajkumar, Darshan and Sudeep all have carved a niche for themselves. In this decade, Yash has done it. So it is very wrong to say about dominance.


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You are an actor and also have directed films. Which is your comfort zone?


I will always go with acting as I get the opportunity to break new grounds. And this is my comfort zone.


Your upcoming projects in 2017?


I have a yet-to-titled film. From February we will go on the floors with the production. The subject and other details will be made available. This apart, I will be directing a film in which Sudeep will be playing the lead. The film Thugs of Malgudi will be taken up for production from July.