A common sight across the country ever since the currency ban has repeated in Hassan, Karnataka yesterday when unknown people dumped bags of banned currency notes in a garbage yard in Santhepete district on Saturday early morning.


Later in the morning, municipality labourers had set fire to the dry garbage in the yard, without noticing the bags containing currency.


However, the secret was outed once heavy winds lifted several of the burning notes and floated them across the area. Local autorickshaw drivers rushed to the spot to grab the half burnt money.


Naturally, a fight broke out between them over the money, which continued to smoulder. Eventually, the police showed up, arrested everybody and put an end to the chaos. 


Locals say that crores of rupees were burnt in the garbage yard.


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The police infer that some black money hoarder, who failed to convert his black money into white,  dumped the cash. The Hassan City Police are investigating the matter.