Just a day after a Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Kerala filed a charge sheet in the sensational Jisha murder case before a trial court in Ernakulam, brother of the lone accused in the case has come up with a claim that the murder was committed by an Assamese friend of his brother.  


In an exclusive interview with Asianet News, Badarul Islam, brother of Amirul Islam, the accused in the Jisha murder, said that his brother did not commit the crime. "Amirul told me that the murder was done by Anarul Islam, his friend who nursed a hatred towards Jisha," Badarul said. "Amirul just went to Jisha's house along with Anarul and was unaware of the designs of his friend.  Amirul was present at the crime scene, but he did not take part in the murder," he claimed, quoting his brother. 


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Badarul, who is still working as a manual labourer at Perumbavoor in Ernakulam, also stated that Amirul was drunk when he went with Anarul to Jisha's home. 


Earlier, there were reports that the police had found the fingerprints of a stranger that raised doubts about a third person involved in the crime. The police team also went to Assam in search of Anarul Islam but returned empty handed. 


After filing the charge-sheet in the case, the SP Unnirajan stated that Amirul single-handedly committed the crime and that he had no friend named Anarul. The accused is a sex pervert. He brutally raped and killed Jisha when she was alone at her home on 28  April 2016, he said. 


The shocking murder of the Dalit law student had triggered widespread protests across the state and was a major issue in the Assembly Elections in May this year. The SIT arrested Amirul Islam, an Assamese worker, in connection with the murder. 


The police version in the case had raised doubts among the public from the day Amirul was arrested June this year in connection with the case. The sketch of the suspect that the police prepared based on witness accounts had had no resemblance with Amirul. Again, the SIT is keeping mum on the third fingerprint found at the crime scene. 

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The holes in the charge sheet raised apprehensions that Jisha murder case might go the same way as Soumya rape and murder case did. The Supreme Court (SC) had cancelled the capital punishment sentence awarded to the accused in the case, raising strong public resentment in Kerala. The SC had criticised the prosecution for presenting speculations as evidence. 

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The contradictory statements of Jisha's mother Rajeswary also cast a shadow on the conclusions of the police. Contrary to her public statements that she had not met Amirul before, Rajeswary told Asianet News on Saturday that the accused had a grudge towards her deceased daughter. 


"If there is a second person involved, he should also be brought before the law," said Deepa, Jisha's sister.