Recently, CM Siddaramaiah had tweeted saying that the government has not been able to bring into effect the anti-superstition bill, because of some vested interests. 


Responding to this comment Pejavara Vishvesha Teertha Swamiji of Udupi has said that he doesn’t have any opposition for the implementation of ‘Anti-Superstition Bill’.


“CM doesn’t have the courage to enforce Anti-superstition Act. Let him come to me; I’ll advise him how to enforce Anti-Superstition bill. But he is not ready to talk to me and take me into his confidence. He believes that I support superstition” - Pejavara Vishvesha Teertha Swamiji Swamiji told the media.


He also said that he had opposed Made Snana, which was practised in many temples of coastal Karnataka including Kukke Subramanya Temple and said that he can distinguish the concept of belief and superstition in an unbiased way. 


Further, he said that it is difficult for him to have a dialogue with people who think going to temple itself is a superstition.


He gave ‘Deeksha’ to ‘Sri Sridharananda Swamiji’ the pontiff of Savita Samaja in Udupi on Thursday and spoke to the media after the rituals.


He expressed his dissatisfaction towards government for not enforcing the ban on cow slaughter.


“Prohibition of cow slaughter is not a communal issue or a political issue. It is a subject of the nation. Even the Constitution of India suggests the prohibition of cow slaughter. Many courts across the nation have given the verdict to prohibit cow slaughter” he said.


He told that he’s going to initiate ‘Gau Satyagrah’ across the state on February 26, to demand a ban on cow slaughter.