Poking at the IAS lobby, an already disgruntled lot in Kerala after an uneasy standoff with the government early this month, Public Works Minister and senior CPM leader G Sudhakaran stated that only 10% of the IAS officers are level headed. 

Inaugurating the state convention of document writers in Alappuzha on Tuesday, Sudhakaran said that a majority of IAS officers are mentally unstable. "Out of over 200 IAS officers in Kerala, the brains of only 10% are working well," he said.


The statement gains prominence in the wake of the cold war between the IAS officers and the government, which is attributed to the slow movement of files in the State Secretariat. 


Putting up a brave face, the minister said the government would not succumb to the threats from the IAS lobby. "IAS officers have no special greatness. It is the continuation of the ICS of the British era, and the ghosts of the British are still guiding the IAS officials," the minister said  

Some government officials were doing a great job even without the burden of the IAS training. It cannot be ignored that some IAS officers have contributed immensely to the state, he added. 


It may be recalled that the IAS officers in Kerala called for an unprecedented strike by taking mass leave on 9 January, to protest alleged witch-hunting by the Vigilance and Anti-corruption Burea. But the move fell flat after the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan cracked the whip and put the officers in their place.