BJP came down heavily on eminent Malayalam writer and Gyanpeeth winner MT Vasudevan Nair for questioning the logic of demonetization. 


BJP state general secretary AN Radhakrishan sharply criticised Vasudevan Nair and said that the writer's opinion on demonetization was not with good intentions. He questioned why the writer kept silent on many occasions, including the murder of Revolutionary Marxist Party leader TP Chandrashekharan. 


"Writers and artists are queuing up in front of AKG Centre (CPM state office) hoping to get perks including the chairmanship of boards and institutions. People do not expect MT Vasudevan Nair in that queue. He is not such a person. But why is the rush to speak against demonetization now? It is suspicious," the BJP leader said. 


Vasudevan Nair, who usually opts out of political controversies unlike his fellow writers, was very sharp in his criticism of curreny ban. Speaking after releasing the book written by Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac on demonetization, he said that the decision to ban currencies brought untold misery to the poor in the country. All the countries that imposed demonetization in the past had lapsed into financail turmoil. He also slammed the central government for repeatedly changing its goal posts.