The son of Bhaskar Shetty, Navaneeth, his wife, Rajeshwari, and her paramour, Niranjan, have confessed to murdering him. Police are currently collecting evidence and building their case, even as the three accused remain in judicial custody.


However, this has not stopped the rumour/accusation mill from spinning at double speed.


Those close to Bhaskar are confident that there is more to this cold-blooded killing than a minor dispute and have been busy digging out every single skeleton in the family's closet. And there seem to be quite a few of them.


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For starters, there are the tales of Bhaskar Shetty's fidelity.


Sumathi, the mother of Bhaskar’s wife Rajeshwari, has claimed that he had cut off relations with her daughter three years ago over an affair with a nurse in Saudi Arabia. She also said that Bhaskar and the nurse had a daughter together, who is currently three-years-old.


Interestingly, though Sumathi has come to Udupi from Bengaluru to make these allegations, she does not deny her daughter's guilt outright. While admitting that her daughter 'may' have killed Bhaskar Shetty, she stoutly refuses to believe that Rajeshwari burnt his body in a ritual fire.


The mother still has not visited Rajeshwari, who is currently lodged in jail.


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In another twist, close relatives of Bhaskar have accused two of Rajeshwari’s family members of involvement in the murder.  Currently, both accused are in police custody.


Another bizarre tale doing the rounds is that the son, Navaneeth, was born with through artificial insemination, as the couple did not have children for a long time. Apparently, it was during these childless years that Rajeshwari became close to Niranjan.


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Udupi town is also full of rumours that Bhaskar is not dead (as his body has not yet been found) and he would return to Udupi after undergoing 'plastic surgery'.


Apparently, the people of Udupi are profoundly influenced by various television shows.


For the record, police have ruled out all scenarios involving test-tube babies or plastic surgery.