Bengaluru: With the pre-monsoon showers not hitting the mark in Karnataka, there has been a steep decline in the area of sowing. Of the total land that needs to be sown, only 8% of the area has been completed as of Thursday. As against the 76.69 lakh hectares of land, sowing has been initiated in 6.17 lakh hectares.

The land sown this year is less when compared to the same period last year. Reports state that in the corresponding period last year, sowing had been taken up in 10.99 lakh hectares of land, which amounted to 14.43%.

The state receives an average rainfall of 1,156 mm annually. By this, Karnataka should have received 196.9 mm of rainfall by Thursday. However reports state that the amount of rainfall received by the state this time has been lower.

Of the 76.69 lakh hectares of land, 56.67 lakh hectares is rain-fed and 20.12 lakh hectares of land is irrigated. In the rain-fed region, sowing has taken place in 2.95 lakh hectares. Whereas, sowing has been completed in 3.22 lakh hectares in the irrigated area, reports said.

Though there is a steep decline in the seeds sown, there is adequate seed stock. The amount of seeds required is 6.29 lakh quintal. The state has stocked 10.82 lakh quintal of seeds. Approximately 36,065 quintals have been supplied as of now.

The demand for fertilisers in the state is about 22.45 lakh tonnes and by June, 6.38 lakh tonnes have been supplied. Various districts had a stock of 7.94 lakh tonnes, reports said.

For the first time, the Karnataka government has introduced biodegradable polymer colour coated seeds. This will help distinguish between fake and original seeds. The colour coat will provide longer shelf live and prevent pest attacks.