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Karnataka Elections 2018: Need not worry about winning says a confident Ramalinga Reddy

  • Ramalingaa Reddy, the home minister of Karnataka, is the candidate from B.T.M Layout constituency from Congress party. Highly approachable and people friendly, the home minister is known for his simplicity.
  • He has now assigned his daughter to contest from his initial Jayanagar Contituency, taking up the responsibility of making the Congress party win in both constituencies, and canvassing for the other candidates in his party.
  • Here’s what the leader had to say, when asked about a few clarifications regarding the upcoming elections.


Karnataka Elections 2018: Need not worry about winning says a confident Ramalingaa Reddy!
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·         What is the peoples’ response in B.T.M layout constituency this time?

I have solved the problem of water and waste management in this constituency and built houses for the poor too. We have developed Madivala Lake, Agara Kere and Mestripalya Lake. To avoid traffic congestion, three important projects are underway now and this why people have no reason to complain, when I approach them for votes. Therefore I do not have any problem about winning in the constituency.

·         It looks like Lallesh Reddy, who is the relative of Janardhana Reddy, is going to be a tough competition for you?

Nothing will happen. Lallesh Reddy has married the daughter of Janardhana Reddy’s relative, former legislator of Karnool, who is originally from Babusaab Palya. While working a bit in the constituency, he promised to bring in lots of money, which is how he initially got the ticket. Let him spend whatever amount of money he wants. Last time I had won with a margin of 46000 votes. Therefore, I do not give any heed to these things.

·         What is your formula to win in this (BTM Layout) constituency?

             Yes. If the ratio of votes between BJP and Congress is 30:40, rest of the voters just vote without looking at the party of the candidate. They vote considering the candidates public relationship. We are eying on those people to win even in Jayanagar.

·         You have two responsibilities. Your dughter in Jayanagara and you here?

Yes I have responsibilities, but it is not a burden as I have won 4 times in the Jayanagar Constituency. Apart from 60 booths, I have a good relationship with the voters in all the other booths too. I will be working in the Jayanagar Constituency too, to make sure my daughter stays.

·         You have alleged that BJP is tapping telephones. Is this to gain publicity ?

Yes it is happening and people have seen it themselves. They are misusing CBI, RIB, IT. During the election there are IT raids on Congress legislators and block Congress workers. We have warned our candidates and advised them about this.

·         You have won 6 times and you have become a minister too. Do you aspire to become CM?

 Definitely not. I am happy as a legislator. I do not have great ambitions. I would like to continue my services towards my constituency and that should be enough.

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