Bengaluru: The Karnataka government has brought in a legislation to ensure that Kannadigas get the maximum number of jobs in the clerical and housekeeping areas. 

The cabinet amendment to Karnataka Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules, 1961, is a watered-down version of the previous Congress regime's efforts to reserve 100% group C and D jobs for locals. 

But the question arises as to who a Kannadiga is. 

As an answer to that, the definition of a Kannadiga is anyone who who’s been living in Karnataka for 15 years and one who can read and write Kannada. 

As per the amendment, the government can intervene even if private industries do not implement the rule in the true sense. 

The amendment also includes the IT-BT sector. 

It’s also applicable to firms that do not secure sops from the state government. Speaking to Times of India, Labour department secretary P Manivannan revealed that there is no distinction between companies under the amended order. 

Even though the government can intervene, a complaint has to be registered first with the labour commissioner. And once that is done, the Labour department will have to collect details about the complaint, the recruitment process of the company. 

S Suresh Kumar, Labour minister informed the Times of India that the government would strengthen the laws all the more. 

Such a rule means that human resources will have to scout for locals in order to employ them and it further means that cheap labour will take the back seat.