Bengaluru: An 8-month old boy was electrocuted on Saturday evening while he was playing in a shed in an under-construction building and crawled into a junction box.

The 8-month-old, identified as Ravi Kumar, was the youngest of six children in Anil Sahani’s family.

Anil Sahani, the father of the deceased hailed from Begusarai, Bihar. He arrived in Bengaluru with his family where he, with his wife had been working as construction workers for the last two months.

The building contractor, Hari, had permitted Anil and his family to stay in a shed at the basement of the four-storey building that was under construction, since they did not have any other accommodation.

The building had temporary power supply with several wires connected to a junction box.

When Anil Sahani and his wife were busy working, they did not notice their 8-month-old boy, Ravi crawling into the junction box. The junction box tripped and electrocuted Ravi.

Hearing Ravi’s painful screams, Anil and his wife ran towards him. The couple then rushed him to a nearby hospital. He was declared brought dead by doctors.

An official from BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company) has said that the accident occurred due to an issue involving the internal wiring and the incident was not related to any installations or wiring work by BESCOM.

Anil registered a complaint at the JB Nagar police station. The have booked the contractor Hari, building owner Raju and the engineer Pungal, accusing them of negligence.