The Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Police of UAE has implemented a new rule to enhance road safety. The new rule is for all types of trailers and now they are required to hold and to show the registration number, according to a report in Khaleej Times. 

The new rule also requires all trailers, barring semi-trailers or trip trailers, to have insurance against traffic accidents, the daily quoted manager of vehicle licensure and drivers at the RAK police, Brigadier Nasser Mohammed Mattar, as saying. A new separate registration card would be issued to all the trailers, he added. 

Apart from this, a set of technical standards specified by the Emirati system for control of trailers must be met by all the trailers. Also, the vehicle and its attached trailer must have the same number plate and on the trailer, the number plate has to be fixed on two sides. 

The new rule has been enacted by the ministry of interior and enforced on April 19 of this year. The violation of the new rule will invite huge penalty.