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Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Predictions from April 15 to April 21, 2024

Renowned astrologer Chirag Daruwalla predicts what is in store this week for all Zodiac signs as per his reading of Tarot Cards. Here is Tarot prediction for April 15 to April 21, 2024.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Predictions from April 15 to April 21, 2024 gcw
First Published Apr 15, 2024, 12:05 AM IST

As your situation changes, you need to change your thinking. You may have to go through difficulties while making this change, but you are moving towards your goal and this change is important for that. The given target in work may take time due to other things. Partner will not support you due to lack of decision making ability. Gas problem may occur.
Auspicious Color : Orange
Auspicious Number : 5

Your desire to achieve progress in life will remain alert. You are seen facing every problem and difficulty with full strength. You will be able to reach the goal by using the target that is related to work. Old things may happen while talking with the partner. There will be problem in shoulder and neck.
Auspicious Color : Yellow
Auspicious Number : 3

An important person will be supported to move the stalled matter forward. You will not be able to use help due to low work capacity. Mental distress at the end of the day will be reduced.
Follow instructions given by senior officers. Try to instill faith in me. Sore throat can cause problems.
Auspicious Color : Green
Auspicious number: 3

Try to strike a balance between personal matters and family responsibilities. There will be no resolution about the subject which was being worried about. The change itself still has to wait. You have to look at how you can progress and maintain the position you have at work. Don't take the relationship further if you are not mentally ready yet. There may be swelling in the back.
Auspicious Color : Red
Auspicious Number : 2

Today you may have trouble remembering old things. Think about how you can extricate yourself from the past. Don't take advantage of the people who are helping you at work place. Due to lack of communication with partner, there will be misunderstanding towards each other. Health will be good but one has to be careful in eating and drinking.
Auspicious Color : Yellow
Auspicious Number : 1

When you are going through a difficult time in life you have to try to understand who helps you and who you talk to gives you relief. It will be realized today that any relationship should be treated equally by both parties. There will be worry related to career. Relationship related misunderstandings may increase. There will be trouble due to injury on the body.
Auspicious Color : Blue
Auspicious Number : 4

You may be disappointed in what you hoped to get. For now, just be positive about things that are out of your control. Do not take any risk. Money income will increase. Don't express your
thoughts to your partner. Headache may be a problem.
Auspicious Color : Grey
Auspicious Number : 5

Scorpio: THE DEVIL
To a large extent, things are going as you would expect. However, due to growing greed in your mind, you have to be careful not to make any mistakes on your part. Money related transactions will prove to be successful. Care should be taken not to do injustice to anyone or spoil relations with them while achieving your goal. You can get good news regarding work. There will be attraction towards the partner. Health will improve.
Auspicious Color : White
Auspicious Number : 6

Sagittarius: THE FOOL
He will be able to give reality to what he was planning to implement. There may be a meeting with a loved one of the family. Any type of stress will be relieved due to a pleasant atmosphere
at the workplace. You will get the support of your partner, but there is a need to solve your own problems. Health may deteriorate due to food and drink.
Auspicious Color : Grey
Auspicious Number : 8

Observe why the same experience is happening over and over again. Due to growing laziness and low will power within you, you will not consider it appropriate to undertake any kind of work or responsibility on this day. It is necessary to be financially strong to pursue higher education. There will be resentment among family members due to the decision taken by you. Knee pain can cause problems.
Auspicious Color : White
Auspicious Number : 6

Aquarius : TEN OF SWORDS
Due to lack of success despite many efforts, depression will start to grow in the mind. Talking to people can give you hope and give you the strength to work with renewed energy. There will be
trouble in the beginning with the chosen career. You will be depressed due to partner pressure. Increasing stress in life will affect health.
Auspicious Color : Pink
Auspicious Number : 7

Today you will know the reason why you haven't got the fixed thing in life yet. Your outlook towards life will change. Try to fulfill all the responsibility of the work by yourself. Economic situation will require focus on marketing. There will be anxiety related to life but you will remain positive because of your efforts. Cough and cough may suffer.
Auspicious Color : Purple
Auspicious Number : 9

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