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Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Predictions for August 22 to August 28

Renowned astrologer Chirag Daruwalla predicts what is in store this week for all Zodiac signs as per his reading of Tarot Cards. Here is his Tarot prediction for August 22 to August 28.

Weekly Tarot Card Reading Predictions for August 22 to August 28 gcw
First Published Aug 22, 2022, 1:30 AM IST

Ganesha says a situation like the past is likely to come up against you again. By this time you will have experience so you can handle it in the best way. It will be necessary to express the
anger arising in the mind. Today he is giving full attention to his emotional needs. One may face resentment due to not being able to meet work related deadlines. Many things will appear out of your control right now. Be kind to yourself. Emphasis will need to be placed on improving health.
Auspicious Color:- Green
Auspicious number:- 3

Ganesha says there will be a need to show awareness of thoughts arising in the mind. You can solve a difficult question only through your thoughts. You will feel emotional about everything today. Maintaining balance in your mind and thoughts will be very important. Before taking any kind of work related decision, think about the responsibilities you will get. The change of behavior by the partner can increase your confusion. Don't ignore stomach related issues.
Auspicious Color:- Red
Auspicious Number:- 1

Ganesha says there will be dilemma while taking a decision due to many types of thoughts coming in the mind. You are feeling emotionally vulnerable at present, but the kind of events
that are happening may make it possible for you to keep yourself strong. Your future looks bright. Emphasis has to be placed on improving current affairs. Negligence shown in career may lead to regret. You will start feeling negativity due to change in love relationship. Headache may be a problem.
Auspicious Color:- Blue
Auspicious number:- 2

Cancer:- DEATH
Ganesha says you will feel sad because of the complete cessation of communication with someone, but this event is also important for realizing your importance. You will feel depressed
throughout the day. By the end of the day, your problem may be solved. You may feel depressed in work related matters, but it is only because of your thoughts. It may take more time to see the expected change in love life. Physical weakness and migraine problem may occur.
Auspicious Color:- Yellow
Auspicious number:- 4

Ganesha says reconciliation will be felt due to completion of important work as expected. A large amount of money related benefits can be obtained. Due to the suggestions given by the
people, the stuck things in life can be furthered. Efforts to completely eliminate the fear arising in the mind will lead to success. People connected with business sector can get big contract.
Love relationship may experience ups and downs, but commitment will be found soon. Stomach inflammation can be painful.
Auspicious Color:- Red
Auspicious number:- 6

Ganesha says you will try to implement your decision by maintaining a balance between positive and negative things. Trying to bridge the gap between family members can make you
sad. Don't get involved in any kind of disputes at present. Work-related laziness may increase, due to which unfinished work is likely. You may delay taking a decision despite getting a partner as expected. Headache and sleep related problems will be experienced.
Auspicious Color:- Green
Auspicious number:- 5

Libra:- THE SUN
Ganesha says efforts will be made by you to complete unfinished tasks. Criticism from a family member will lower your self-confidence to some extent, but it may be possible for you to
overcome this situation and move forward. You will try to move forward by breaking out of limited thinking and learning new things or taking risks. The ups and downs that seem to be
work-related will mostly go away. There will be peace and happiness in married life. It will be necessary to keep sugar related problems under control.
Auspicious Color:- Purple
Auspicious number:- 7

Ganesha says you may have to rework because of your hasty decision. There will be a need to exercise restraint while completing government work. It will be necessary to work within the
framework of rules and regulations. Otherwise there is a possibility of financial loss. Career related instability will be experienced due to lack of any kind of work. There can be balance in
love relationship, you just have to forget the old things and move forward. Gas and indigestion problem seems to increase.
Auspicious Color:- White
Auspicious Number:- 8

Sagittarius:- QUEENOF CUPS
Ganesha says immediately implement any kind of idea that arises in the mind. It would be better for you to proceed by discussing with experienced people before taking a decision. Trying to erase old disputes can create new problems. It would be better for you to stay away from the situation of controversy until the thoughts settle down. Despite looking at desired opportunities related to career, you should observe why you are not working on them. Having every kind of expectation from the partner and insisting on fulfilling it will cause sadness for
you. The problem of back pain may increase.
Auspicious colour:- Saffron
Auspicious number:- 9

Capricorn:-THE LOVERS
Ganesha says time is on your side, but falling into useless temptations can hurt you. Nowadays it is possible to achieve more fame with less effort. Emphasize improving personal life. Mental solutions will be realized due to inclination towards spiritual things. Great opportunities related to career will be easily available for the youth. Family members will accept the decision taken regarding love marriage. There may be problem related to urine infection.
Auspicious colour:- Pink
Auspicious number:- 3

Ganesha says stabilization efforts on the economic side will need to be stepped up, while it will need to be strengthened. Losses related to money can also make you feel angry towards other things in life. It will be important for you to get complete information before making decisions related to wealth. Due to excessive discussion of work related matters, your work may be
hindered by a rival. The relationship by the person who was opposing it will decrease to a great extent. There may be problem of pain in the body.
Auspicious Color :- Grey
Auspicious number:- 5

Ganesha says you will try to change your situation because of the anger arising in the mind. It will be important for you to understand your own needs by paying full attention to whatever emotions you are currently experiencing. Try to relieve the pain caused by what has been neglected until now. You are likely to suffer loss due to business done in partnership. You may get hurt due to partner not keeping the promise. Lack of sleep will cause irritability and fatigue.
Auspicious Color:- Yellow
Auspicious Number:- 8

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