From performing at China’s biggest and most renowned Opera houses, to getting admitted into one of the worlds best performing art schools; Wenjie Yang, also known as Mike Yang is on his way to make his mark in the Entertainment Industry. 

Why Do You Need To Know About Him? 

Wenjie Yang, also known as Mike Yang, is a New York based actor and seasoned violinist. He began playing the violin at the mere age of 5 and has performed in many of the world's biggest and most famous opera houses; making him a violin virtuoso. 

But in 2019, Yang made a decision. A decision to move across the country to New York City. Well, I mean after being accepted into the world’s best Performing Arts school, who wouldn’t want to. 

Tisch School Of The Arts

The NYU Tisch School Of The Arts is not your ordinary arts school, and if you haven’t heard of it, then you have probably been hiding under a rock your whole life.

The school has produced stars such as Angelina Jolie, lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Adam Sandler, and countless more. It’s literally one of the most competitive and prestigious art schools in the world and getting into an institution like that is a big honor in itself. 

In addition to his education at tisch, in order to further develop his craft, Yang receives private coaching from “Blues Blood’s” on-set coach Matt Newton, who is among New York’s most well known acting coaches. 

Yang is also working with the director of the acclaimed T Schreiber Studio Peter Jensen. 

A Dream To Open Doors For Other Asian Actors

Yang does not only want to achieve success for himself, he has a strong desire to expand upon the legacy of Chinese representation in American cinema. He is extremely eager to use his fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese as well as his cultural knowledge in his projects.