As we hear the Musician R Kumar Narayanan collaborating with Shubham Kashyap the born biker and YouTuber, many wonder as to what made them team up. Both come from different places but it is the music that brought them together. R Kumar is a musician and owns the company Saintunes Creative Services dealing with services related to music, sound and creative designing. On the other side, Shubham is a biker and a YouTuber who is fond of making videos for his followers. 

Since he wanted to embark with something big, he found R Kumar the apt man to create the anthem song for bikers for his YouTube channel. Both of the individuals are unique and differ in many ways but they have struggled to achieve their positions in the society. At one end, we see Shubham Kashyap is a daredevil and his persona very much reflects a passionate biker. For him taking risks is a joy, which remains the part and parcel of biking. His life is all about servicing and rehauling to prepare himself to absorb the turbulence coming in life while treading the ups and downs of life. 

He has remained the self made man as it was difficult for him to make his family convinced about his costly passion. On the other side, R Kumar is a musician by heart, his only mantra for survival was to maintain the uniqueness and work with great diligence and so on. With his vision to serve a wide range of clients and companies with uniqueness and diligence, he was able to find high end clients like superstar Rajnikanth and Dhoni for the anthem Song called Dho Dho Dhoni for the IPL franchise - Chennai Super Kings.