For all those who do not know Mohammed Arif he is among a competent Software Developer apart from being an investor and trader. He has been doing a couple of things for his investment in various domains particularly in cryptocurrency and digital money apart from being the part of various software projects as a developer. Although he developed himself as a competent software developer apart from being a trader with a vision who has an idea which domain to choose to invest the most. 

For him, digital money has remained the emerging place in the world and investing in this domain would be a wiser decision. This has prompted Mohammed Arif to consider this domain serious for the investment in this area. Besides, he is an enterprising person who keeps on adding things in his profile by one thing or the other. He keeps on toying around various business avenues and events that talk a wide range of choices. 

In this way, he is constantly on a move to experiment on one thing or the other in IT and digital media sector. His social media profile has much to talk about his credentials that have remained very competitive as per the growing market. He loves food and to gym and halis from the Pearl City - Hyderabad. He gets the chance to travel to the Middle East and takes the opportunity to learn from people of different domain and culture.