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Is your mother Covid 19 positive? Don’t be negative just follow these steps

On Mother's Day we will tell you how to take care of your mom when she is tested positive for covid-19, just do not panic.

Is your mother Covid 19 positive? Dont be negative just follow these steps RCB
Bangalore, First Published May 9, 2021, 10:50 AM IST
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When it comes to the elderly, isolation at the comfort of their home is the best treatment, let hospital be your last resort. It is better to stay in touch with your doctor and take timely necessary measures, including admission if required. Do not socially isolate the infected individuals, this can have an adverse outcome on their mental health and their recovery” says Dr. Neha Mishra, Consultant - Infectious Diseases, Manipal Hospitals Old Airport Road.

As children, we want the best for our parents, especially our mother. On Mother's Day we will tell you how to take care of your mom when she is tested positive for covid-19, do not panic. The situation can get very stressful. Although it is unfortunate, use this stressful situation as an opportunity to show how much she means to you.

How to care for your mother

● Firstly, isolate your mother and get a covid-19 test done if she is showing flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, cough, headache, fever, etc. If the result is positive do not panic. Consult your doctor through video consultation and follow all the instruction. 

● Get a pulse oximeter, and thermometer to regularly monitor her condition. 

● Care for her in a separate room that has an attached bathroom. 

● Take all the necessary precautionary measure like wearing a double mask or n95 mask and gloves while taking care of her. You must stay protected and healthy so that you can give her the best of care and attention. 

● Washing the utensil used by her with soap and water separately is sufficient, although you may consider using disposable items including tissues, napkins, plates, glass and cups etc. 

● Make sure there is good ventilation in her room as well as the entire house. 

● Change her clothes, bedding, towels, etc regularly so that she feels refreshed and clean.

● Monitor her oxygen saturation (spo2) at least 4-6 times a day. You can also measure it after she walks for 5-6 minute. If the oxygen saturation is normal or above 95%, you need not worry. However, if the reading is less than 94% consult your doctor again, you may consider placing her on the side of her stomach, face down (prone position) and support using pillows so that she will be able to breathe well and increase her oxygen saturation temporarily. Although it is not a permanent solution, seeking medical help is the best option.  

● Monitor her temperature regularly by using a thermometer. If the fever is consistently high, consult your doctor. 

● Make sure she rests well and is well hydrated. She may be experiencing a loss of appetite and may not be able to taste anything. But it is very crucial to keep her hydrated unless she has an underlying condition requiring water restriction for example kidney or heart diseases. Give her plenty of juices, tender coconut water, etc. Be mindful of the quantity of sugar esp in diabetics you add to the juices.

● Encourage breathing exercises and you can also buy a spirometer for increasing lung function. Physical exertion should be avoided and ensure she does not get tired in the process of any physical exertion that may be necessary. 

● If you have a terrace or a balcony, she could relax there too, ensure that she wears a mask. Avoid visitors. Play some spiritual music or any music of her choice so that she can relax and be at ease. Create a happy atmosphere in your home to divert her attention from her sickness. Talk to her, mostly through telephonic call ensuring the isolation to keep you safe, cherish all the good and fun times you had with her. You can let her go through some old photos and memories which might be inspiring. Shower your mother with flowers and gifts. Make her feel special on this mother's day. 

“Special care is required for an adult especially those with comorbidities” Dr Neha Mishra. 

Every day should be a “Mother’s Day. The mother is a symbol of unconditional love and sacrifice. Nothing can replace or surpass her love and sacrifice she has made for you. As children, let us try to do our bit.  


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