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‘Instead of following trends, I believe in setting one’, says Sunny Sabharwal

Sunny Sabharwal is one of the most successful & eminent entrepreneur. He established ‘Pulse’ as an umbrella organization for various IPs & multifaceted interests.

Instead of following trends I believe in setting one: Sunny Sabharwal
Bangalore, First Published Aug 16, 2020, 4:15 PM IST
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Sunny Sabharwal claims 'Pulse' as his own pulse which is why he is popularly addressed as 'Sunny Pulse' .

Sunny Pulse is a highly passionate trendsetter. What puts him a cut above many others is the fact that he has solely established Pulse which is a prominent firm today.

His constant appetite for learning along with vast experience are the key reasons that led him to become a flourishing entrepreneur.

Sunny Pulse is an avid creator, widely associated with out of the box ideas and flawless execution of events and weddings. Most of the events managed by him are regularly featured in one or the other print media or TV channels across the nation.

Pulse Events & Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal is the oldest operating firm under the umbrella of ‘Pulse’ which majorly caters to luxurious weddings & events across the globe. Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) is well versed with the nuances of wedding planning and how new ideas, concepts & innovations are needed to fill people with awe. His achievements are good enough to speak for himself.

“I simply love to work with couples and their families to curate a customised, theme or tradition based wedding, anywhere across the globe. We understand the importance of this day for them, and we take pride and pleasure in creating a wedding of their dreams,” says Sunny.

Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) is one of the renowned Wedding Designer & Planner. Celebrity Management is also his area of expertise.

Pulse Wedding Planner Pvt. Ltd. is branched in India & Canada. Sunny Pulse aspires for Pulse Events to go multinational.

“With quality as our trademark, delivering excellence in services and invaluable experience is what holds us apart from others in the business. I believe in setting benchmarks. At Pulse, we are the Trendsetters,” Sunny elaborates further. 

He is also the founder of Pulse Connect which caters to conventions, exhibitions & award ceremonies ; uniting different spheres of market under one platform. A very famous IP ‘Global Iconic Awards (GIA)’ which created quite a lot of buzz across India in 2019 was established as a part of it.

This show turned out to be one of the biggest award shows in the history of Delhi-NCR.

Amongst above, he is also the founder of ‘Make up diaries’- a professional makeup service provider wherein one can avail services of their empanelled as well as celebrity MUA ; & Pulse Travels.

Sunny Sabharwal’s another brainchild, 'WedPulse' was a superhit online series of live sessions at instagram which was both entertaining & productive for the audience. It was launched during the dire time of pandemic. Sunny Pulse’s purpose was to provide entertainment just a click away as people were locked down in their houses due to outbreak of Covid19.

The initiative was also featured in media.

Sunny Sabharwal (SunnyPulse) is an ardent traveller & a globetrotter. His first hand experience of voyaging is one of the inspirations behind his excellent creations. He has been awarded multiple times for excellence in his various ventures.

Sunny Sabharwal being a critical thinker, states that, “A fundamental part of establishing a successful business is rooted in the mindset you have and it begins with a positive and determined attitude, which, I think, is ingrained in me from the very beginning. I always strive for something unique and out of the box. Following generic market trends have never enthused me,”

Speaking of some of his most prominent projects, ‘every project is as prominent as the previous one.
Instead of following trends ; I believe in setting one.
I believe even thinking of settling for anything less than perfection isn’t right because you are only rewarded with the kind of energy & signals you send out to universe.’

Being a people-person and while empowering others, Sunny thoroughly enjoys every opportunity to network with people to identify opportunities to collaborate and even for a chance to help each other with their businesses.

Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) amplifies his creativity with everything he does and instills the same in his team.

" Dream Big, Work Hard " 

With this moto keeping in mind, Sunny Sabharwal, aka, Sunny Pulse, is on the move, and in the right direction too. He will no doubt be shining bright as the Sun on the horizon of entrepreneurship for years to come. 

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