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How to reach out to people feeling suicidal: Know these points

There could be many among our friends, in the neighbourhood, or in the circle of our acquaintances who nurture the tendency to commit suicide. How do we reach out to them and pull them back to life? How do we take care of them?

How to reach out to people feeling suicidal: Know these points
First Published Nov 27, 2022, 1:30 PM IST

Mental health has been gaining much importance lately with many discussions and deliberations. It is a crucial topic because our country has the highest number of people suffering from depression.

Unless treated on time to survive this bleak phase of life, depression can even lead to suicide. And there have been many cases of depressed persons ending their lives unable to cope with something.

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There could be many such people in our locality or our circle of friends and acquaintances. They would be nurturing thoughts of suicide, contemplating ways to end their lives. How do we help them? How do we pull them back from that tendency to commit suicide and bring them closer to life? How do we take care of people on the verge of suicide?

Here are a few things to take note of.

1. We should understand that the thoughts of persons with suicidal tendencies are not based on intellect or logic. Emotions control them. So, we must understand that all the emotional turmoil they now experience is 'real'. We should accept their feelings courteously. It is important to convince them that we are listening to what they want to say, that we understand.

2. Severe depression and suicidal tendencies are problems that need proper therapy. With love and care, we need to make them undergo treatment, and the therapy should be done by experts. The condition could worsen if they share their problems with or talk to people without expertise in this field.

3. Sometimes, when a person complains of mental troubles, his friends are likely to suggest liquor or drugs as a solution. This unhealthy practice should never be followed. It can wreck a depressed person further.

4. It is essential to assure them that we will be with them whatever happens. This camaraderie should always be there to help each other move forward in life. We need to express our concern for our loved ones through ways like this.

5. Persons with suicidal tendencies should never be left alone. We should always keep an eye on them. Or else, a moment is enough for us to lose a loved one forever.

6. We should not create situations that prompt them to commit suicide. Never let them alone, and never leave anything like medicines or equipment near them that could help them end their lives. Always make sure that they are not tempted to commit suicide.

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