Women want to look young, beautiful and attractive at all ages, which is practically impossible. Hence they try different anti-ageing treatments or serums or creams to deal with the situation. There are many so-called products that scam you and make a hole in your pocket. 

Therefore, read, research and understand the elements present in your product that you purchase because, ultimately, it is about your skin.


Aakash Anand, the founder of Bella Vita Organic, said, "It is important that you keep your body internally clean, i.e., eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and do not consume alcohol or cigarettes. What you feed to your body also reflects on your skin. So, while you apply all the good to your body, it is important that you also feed it well internally. 

Bella Vita Organic is an Ayurvedic company that sells 21 Again, an anti-ageing serum. It neutralizes the oil content in the skin and works on tightening the pores, has anti-inflammation properties and also lessens the dark spots and, of course, wrinkles and works best on oily or dry skin.


Is there any right age to apply anti-ageing creams? Mr Aakash said, "You can start applying anti-ageing serums from the age of 25 years to prevent even the early signs of ageing. With the early application, it enables your skin to adapt to the changing hormonal imbalances and helps you have better skin for a lifetime."

Aakash Anand further mentioned that night is the best time to apply anti-ageing face serums. Why? He said, "It is always advisable to apply anti-ageing creams at night before sleeping as it helps to tighten your skin at a time when there is minimum movement and hence helps your skin cells to repair. You must use an anti-ageing serum twice for best results, once in the morning and once at night. Also, keep in mind to not use an anti-ageing serum based on your skin type."


Apart from 21 Again from Bella Vita Organic, there are many other anti-ageing products in the market. Some of them are Smart Custome Repair Serum by Clinique, Metacell Renewal B3 serum, Regenerist Micro sculpting Serum by Olay and many more.

How to know that this the best quality anti-ageing cream or serum? Mr Aakash said, "An anti-ageing serum must be lightweight and should contain no chemical ingredients as chemicals can be extremely harmful to ageing skin. Sandalwood, pomegranate, wheat germ are some essentials for your anti-ageing cream as these work wonders on your skin. Also, make sure that your anti-ageing serum does not make your skin too oily as it may clog your pores and create more acne."


Now you have to admit that you're not getting any younger, but the more you want to look younger, the more you have to work at it. Enjoy your life, don't get stressed much, have a good lifestyle and maintain a proper skincare routine.