However, there are some benefits that are surprising and unexpected, if you were unaware of it. Here are some of them: 


1. Diabetic-friendly:   

Who would’ve thought paan leaves would aid in being pro-diabetes. It is said that the extracts of these leaves are very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. These extracts help control and regulate one’s blood sugar levels.


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2. Aids in Digestion:    


It is helpful in aiding digestion, as it works your salivary gland because one is constantly chewing on them.


3. Helps in weight loss:    

It is believed that chewing betel leaves helps in weight loss as it boosts and accelerate's one’s metabolism.

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4. Good for coughs:   

Add some honey to some beetle leaf extracts. It helps soothe a bad cough and eases the phlegm collected in one’s chest.



5. Wart removal:  



Using garlic paste and betel leaf as a natural plaster, warts are easily treated this way.