There is no one common morning routine for every one. Some love to start with exercise, yoga or even dancing while another might prefer reading news or listening to music. No judgment. 

What you do in an hour of waking up could put you well on your way, but it could also set the stage for an unenjoyable and unproductive day. 

Below, are the most-common things you should avoid for a good day. 


Drink coffee

Coffee is a common practice for many, but the first thing you should avoid. Never ever have coffee before 9.30 am, as human body tends to produce higher amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, which regulates energy, between 8 and 9am. Cofee will reduce cortisol production, which means you will be left with less energy and creating the problem you fear. 

Hot shower

Hot shower is too relaxing as it will lower the heart rate, meaning you will feel less energetic. Instead, take a short cold shower. Your body will jump into action and make you feel fresh and more productive. 


Carb-only breakfast

Make sure to include some carbohydrates in your breakfast, but it shouldn't be entirely carbs. Include items like eggs, cereals, milk or almonds which are rich in protein. 


Check e-mail

Never ever check your email as soon as you wake up. E-mails will make you nervous or at least tensed and give the feeling that the issues are never going to end. Those who tend to check their emails as a morning ritual will never recover. 


Making phone calls

No one wants to talk to anyone as the first thing in the morning. Almost every person need a few hours to get their head around the day and it is not appropriate to make phone calls before 9.30 am. If you really want to talk to someone, send a text message detailing the context.