Often called the Silk City of Karnataka, Ramanagara, is a sleepy hamlet just shy of 50 kilometres from Bengaluru.  It is also known as a classic getaway for many Bengalurueans. 

Here are 3 reasons to visit this place:


Famous movie shoots: 

Most people know that Ramanagara is known for its famed Sholay shoot. But did you know that there was another equally famous movie shot here? In case you missed it, it was called A Passage to India.  

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Of silk and sarees:

silk weaving

Ever wondered where your silk saree came from? Well, right here.  Ramnagara is home to the largest sericulture industry. It is the largest market for silk cocoons.


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I’ll be dam(ned)
There’s a  nearby reservoir that can be visited called the Kanva Reservoir that is a well-known picnic spot.


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