​1. You can connect to art better





For a cinema fan or a person who loves literature, this ought to be the best gift you can give yourself. Imagine reading a book as it was written or  watching a film in its original language with nothing lost in translation. Same goes with music; anyone being able to translate the foreign music will definitely benefit from it and it will magnify the experience. For example watching an Italian opera or enjoying Rabindra Sangeet without having to rely on translators.



2. You can communicate better with your foreign friends





If you are studying in a foreign country or in a state where the language spoken is different from your own, your endeavour to fit in by learning a new language will be much appreciated. In fact, you can make new friends while attempting to learn it. It can also serve as a code language between you and you friends when you want to prevent  other people from understanding your conversation. 



3. It will look good on your resume and serve to enhance your career





You can earn brownie points with your boss when you tell him that your skill as a foreign language translator or communicator will help him save the precious time of the company. On your resume it will take the place as a star achievement because it shows that you have made an effort and your knowledge will prove beneficial to your future employer. Plus you could consider a career as a translator for the language that you studied. 



4. Get more out of your foreign experience





Whether you are studying or travelling abroad or locally, arming yourself with the knowledge of the language that is spoken there will definitely heighten your experience. You will find studying, commuting, travelling and conversing with the locals easier. 



5. Explore new cultures




When you know a foreign language or a regional one at that, you can observe, participate and learn about a culture other than your own. Don’t be put off by the difficulty of learning a new language, try it and you will stand to benefit in more ways than one. You will learn to compare and connect your culture with your new experience changing your personality significantly.



6. Tick this off your bucket list



This for those who have ‘learn a new language’ on your things to do list. Be proud and enjoy the fruits of your achievement.