A study by HealthifyMe, a mobile heath and a fitness application company, found that nearly 82 percent of people do not stick to their new year resolution of being fit for more than a week.


The company which conducted a pan-India study found that people lacked the motivation to continue the fitness workouts.


As per the research, it takes 21 days of repetitive behaviour to form a habit, and many of the respondents who took part in the research backed out from regular exercise. 


Tushar Vashisht, Founder of the company says that 2.62 lakh people were involved in the research. They conducted the study for about two years before arriving at a conclusion - 80% have been backing out of their new year resolutions. 


"Gyms and fitness centres across the country receive the most memberships in the first week of the year. When the new year buzz dies down, most people lose interest and motivation to continue with their fitness regime," said Vashisht.


Mushtaq Mohammed, owner, Impact Fitness Studios, agrees that the enrollment for gym and fitness memberships begin in November and peaks during December and January. But energy among customers fizzles out slowly after January.


"The work schedule in IT capital and traffic are the game changer. Any variation in these, the customers drop from coming," he said.