The entire nation is debating on the sexual rights of the LGBTQ community and several organisations have found a way to extend their support to the group.

One of the top hotel chains in Bengaluru, The Lalit Ashok's popular nightclub Kitty Ko, whose drag acts have got a huge following, is taking its game, a notch higher.

They have always made a statement with their bold events all round the year. This time, the club has decided to get the famous drag queen from California, Tammie Brown on board.

Tammie Brown aka Keith Glen Schubert has played dress-up and walked in high heels as a kid and has featured in the American adaptation of How Clean Is Your House and also did a cameo in a famous sitcom, Hot in Cleveland.

Tammie is undertaking a three-city tour to India, which began in New Delhi yesterday (19 July) moved to Mumbai for a performance today and this extravaganza will culminate at KittyKO in Bengaluru tomorrow (21 July).

Tammie’s act will certainly be a must-watch as it will be sparkled with some local flavour courtesy Rani-Ko-he-nur, who performs regularly at Kitty Su Mumbai and shall accompany Tammie in the three city-tour.

The Executive Director of the group, Keshav Suri, who has always encouraged the members of the community, said, “I am a huge fan of drag acts and it gives me immense pleasure that guests at Kitty Su echo my sentiments. I am waiting for the day when this acceptance and applause is reflected in the status of LGBTQI community in society.”