Bata, a brand that has always been the first place to visit for a child before school begins, has some serious damage control to do with the bad light their latest ad has put it in. While they might have had a good intention behind all of this, it wasn't interpreted in the same way. While Bata might be #comfortablewithit, their ad hurts like the shoe bites you get with your new pair of footwear.

Not enough that politicians go on a roll with their bizarre commentaries on women, we have to now watch ads that ask us to be okay with these social stereotypes. The video has a voice in the backdrop, asking women questions like, aren't you glad that you're the better half? Yes Bata, the better half of.. Myself. Aren't you glad that you aren't shy about crying in public? Well so is my brother and father. This ad just goes to prove that Bata's way of thinking is just as ancient as its existence.

The advertisement concludes with a statement, 'it just goes to make you, what no man can ever be, a woman', clearly the concept of sex change has not been heard by the brand's team.  However, the ad does get one line on point, that says,  'These things about you, don’t make you a feminist, a non-feminist, a pessimist, an optimist or an activist' , which is true because you are not bound by any of these labels but you are also not bound to the label of being a 'woman'. 

What Bata has done is not only fail to promote their brand in the right sense but also let down women on a whole. It seems like a tug-of-war with one side of society trying to breakdown and fight the stereotypes, which they are successful at but with one side on a rampage to pull them back down. Why does it seem like mission impossible to do things beyond a stereotype? With make-up associated to women and muscles associated to men. With limitations associated with women and licence to freedom associated with men. 


But what must be also understood, is that without a demand, there is never a supply, which means that this advertisement is only but a reflection of what goes on in society. So before you get mad at the brand, get furious at yourself and the people around you for making it seem like a woman is limited to her make-up and heels, which is by the way, not the most comfortable pair of footwear.  She is more than her emotions and degrees. 

Instead of centering all of your hate towards Bata and their shoes, because let’s face it, once there's a sale up and going, it’s all going to be fair in love and war, spread the thought to stop the bias that comes along with every woman that walks in society.  And hey Bata, here's some free advice. Next time when you say, #comfortablewithit, please speak for yourself, because women are anything but comfortable with your assumptions.