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7 important decisions a man needs to take in a relationship

  • The healthiest couples confide in each other, talk about their fears and aspirations and trust each other completely
  • However, when it comes to making decisions men are left some pretty difficult questions to answer
  • When it comes giving the significant other a gift it has to be a very thought out decision, almost like answering multiple choice question with negative markings
7 important decisions a man needs to take when in a relationship
First Published Nov 13, 2017, 5:50 PM IST

The choice

You may have heard gangsters coming up with this – Your money or your life. In desperate situations like these most usually prefer to part with money. But in the case of men in relationships, married or single the single most difficult choice they keep having to make is between their mother and their girlfriend or wife. Side with the mother and be risked being called a mama’s boy or tied to mama’s apron strings; if he supports his girlfriend or wife the man gets called traitor, hen-pecked husband and more. Sigh!

The gift

When it comes giving the significant other a gift it has to be a very thought out decision, almost like answering multiple choice question with negative markings. While today your girlfriend might be happy with a teddy bear and chocolate as a gift, tomorrow only diamonds or a trip on the weekend can make her happy. If men spend too little on a gift they are called misers and stingy and if they spend too much then termed as trying to show off or buy love with money.

Eyes only for you

Face it guys, when you are in a relationship or are married then being single sounds like a much better prospect. Case in point, there is this beautiful girl walking down towards you and you cannot help but appreciate the beauty on those two legs but how to do it when your GF is looking? Many men have fallen victim to the roving eye and many relationships have broken because women caught their men gazing/gawking at another woman in their presence.

ADIOS brothers!

Difficult choices to make dear men. When you are single and uncommitted your friends are the only gang you stay with. A change in relationship status for you then it becomes a whole lot of difficult to please both parties. Gone are days of guzzling beer with friends and those impromptu road trips, now your priorities take on a different avatar – shopping trips and movie outings, no talking to girl friends and limiting the male company you keep. How do you do it, men?

To shave or not to shave

Even your facial hair has a lot to do with whether or not you get the girl to go out with you. Remember the time when you and your friends used to play ‘longest beard first’. Yeah, well that’s history for you if your wife/gf prefers a clean shaven man. I am sure your mothers will also be happy with this. But then you have hit the jackpot of girlfriends if she likes you with your beard and stubble and plus No shave Movember becomes a celebration of sorts.

The fat question

Yeah, that’s an absolute tricky one. You need tact and smartness to wriggle your way out of this one. If you think honesty is going to get you brownie points, think again. If you think flattery is going to get you in her good books, oh boy! that going to backfire really bad. If you can squirm your way out of this one, dear men then you are on a roll.

To fart or not to fart

I have saved the most important decision for the last as men can truly test the status of their relationship and comfort levels if you are confident enough to fart in front of your girlfriend and live to laugh about it. Yeah, bodily gasses are the one true test of love. You fart you lose.

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