You may have never thought of it but baby powder can be extremely useful in situations that are quite tricky. Its a good idea to keep a bottle of this sweet smelling powder even if you don't have a baby and here's why:

Baby powder helps you get rid of stinky shoes

How annoying is it when your shoes acquire a stench just a few times after you've worn it? Some shoes can't even be washed so its best to sprinkle some baby powder on the inside of your shoe. This will give your feet and your footwear a freshness.

You can use it as dry shampoo

Too tired of washing your hair everyday? Well all you need to do is mix a bit of cocoa and baby powder and sprinkle it on your roots. This will ensure that your hair doesn't smell and will also save you from having greasy, oily hair.

It keeps ants away

There's something about the smell that keeps ants away from baby powder. If you're having an ant infestation then draw lines with baby powder near doors and any nooks and crannies where an ant colony exists. This line will restrict you from dealing with ants in every corner of your house. 

Baby powder is of use just after a trip to the beach

Have sand all over your legs and don't know how to get rid of it? All you need to do is apply baby powder on your arms and legs and you will see that the sand just falls off your body. 

It helps untangle jewellery 

Solid. thick necklaces never get tangled. But what about those that are thin and get easily tangled? You could be spending hours figuring out where the knot has started. Instead of using your brain so much, you could in fact sprinkle powder on the knot and it will easily untangle itself.