The man had tricked one of the women - Ramya - into handing him money by posing as a friend of her husband, according to a Manorama report.


The accused, Venugopal, approached Ramya and told him that her husband Prakash, who works in Saudi Arabaia, has sent a courier home. He claimed the courier has already reached Kottayam and asked her for Rs 800 as service charge.


With their child's birthday nearing, Ramya believed the story, thinking Prakash might have sent a gift. She borrowed some money from her sister-in-law Rakhi, who lives nearby, and gave it to Venugopal who fled the scene immediately.


Ramya then called Prakash and found out that the courier was a hoax. Along with Rakhi, she searched the neighbourhood for the con man but in vein.


However, there was another twist to the tale. On their way to the Thirunakkara temple, Ramya and Rakhi saw the accused near a beverage outlet.


They alighted the bus and went straight to Venugopal, who saw them and made a run for it. The con artist rushed to the bus terminus nearby and tried to get mixed in the crowd but the women were too good for him. They caught him and handed him over to the police.