Reaffirming their stance and faith in the Jihadist movement, a group of Kerala youths fighting with the Islamic State in Afghanistan has declared that even an offer of Rs 10 crore will not suffice to make them leave the terror group and return home.

Rasheed Abdulla, one of the 21 Keralites who left the country to join the ISIS last year, conveyed this in a message he sent home. Earlier, the families of some of the missing Keralites had sent messages asking them to return home and promising them government help and protection. Rasheed's statement is understood to be a  response to those messages.

"Even we are offered Rs 10 crore, we won't return home," Manorama Online quoted a WhatsApp message purportedly sent by Rasheed.

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The statement comes at a time when the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had warned that some of the missing youths from Kerala might return to the country. 

Rasheed is believed to be the leader of the 21-strong group that had gone missing from Kasaragod and Palakkad and reportedly travelled to Afghanistan and Syria to join the terror outfit. The NIA believes the group, which includes women and children, has found their way to the ISIS camps. Some of them were killed in the US air strikes on April 24.