The aftermath of Paresh Mesta's death in Honnavar made Uttara Kannada district burn with hatred. Amidst news of Muslim community members, leaving the village due to speeches of life threat, two devotees going to the temple have set an example by saving a Muslim man from the jaws of death.

Abdul Gafoor Sunti, who worked as a truck driver, was caught in the violent situation in Uttara Kannada and had gone missing on December 8. He was on duty driving the truck when the violence broke. Gafoor's truck was allegedly attacked by a group at Kharva Cross, who reportedly looted him of cash, pulled him out of the truck and started beating him up. Somehow, Gafoor escaped the mob and entered into a nearby forest.

He stayed there till it was dark and ventured out at night. But another group of people caught hold of Gafoor and started beating him up with an iron rod, resulting in Gafoor screaming in pain.

The two Hindu devotees heard the screams and rushed towards Gafoor, where a group of men was beating him up. Seeing the two men, the group dispersed, leaving Gafoor behind. With his life saved, the two men couldn't do anything more, and Gafoor escaped and hid inside an empty sewage pipe for three days.

The owner of a house nearby gave Gafoor some water and biscuits, The Hindu reported.