Engineering students who have taken to the streets against the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) against the year-back and critical year-back system may have to wait for another week, to get a clear picture on this. VTU authorities have reportedly assured the protesting students of discussing the issue at Syndicate body meeting.

The students are livid over the VTU's "unscientific" year-back and critical year-back system for non-Choice Based Credit System students."The VTU seems to be heartless when it comes to designing the syllabus for students. Already, the students are burdened with the new module system, and the refusal to withdraw the year-back and critical year-back system will only affect our studies," rued Gautham R, while speaking to Newsable. Gautham is the first year student at the Jyothi Institute of Technology in Tataguni.

Gautham complained that earlier, the students did not have that much of heavy syllabus. For they had unit based syllabus but today's engineering students are burdened with modules in units. Upon that class tests, projects and daylong classes leave us with little time to study. He further complained that without the rollback, they would have to write over 15 exams in three months.

"Even if we study, the University harasses with fewer marks, forcing us to seek revaluation. This way, the university is minting money from every student. Those who fail to clear their exams are burdened with the year-back system," alleged another student, who did not wish to be named.

Engineering students boycotted their classes on Thursday and Friday and protested at the State Bank Circle. Already, the results of December 2016 have been delayed by five months. At least hundreds of students are left in the lurch with delayed results. "Who will take the responsibility for this," Gautham asked.