A video that recently went viral showed a naked man entering and stealing lingerie from Maharani College Women's hostel. 

Though the video was actually three months old, its new found popularity has spiked fear among the resident students and teachers. Most affected are the parents of the female students, who have been watching the clip on loop in most TV news channels. 

The girls living there say that they have complained about some persons jumping into the compound and entering the hostel many times, but no action had been taken. 

"The man shown in CCTV footage was wielding a knife and he has applied oil all over his body so that no one could catch him. We were very scared as he was staring at us and stole the lingerie hung up to dry," said Rukmini Muthanna - a second-year B.Com student staying in the hostel over the past one year.

After this shocking incident and the news about a college lecturer sexually assaulting a student in the same college, many parents are asking their children to shift to safe areas or come back home.


"I fought hard to come to the city, work hard, live an independent life and support my parents. But after these incidents, I am under pressure from my parents to discontinue my studies or take up a distance education learning programme," said  Chandrika KM  - a final semester student of Science.


After such incidents, even the college principle, Shanthakumari R, said she was scared. The issue may be old, but it has left a deep impact. 

"The person who gained entry into the hostel is said to be transgender. No one dared to go near the person as the person had a knife. We have put extra security at the hostel and also asked the local police to intensify patrolling," she said.