After the allegation of mediating for a killer, Minister Vinay Kulkarni is embroiled in yet another scandal of threatening a lawyer. An audio CD of 14.31 minutes of allegedly Vinay’s Kumar’s voice threatening lawyer Ananda Badi on phone on Nov 20 is available with Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News.

The audio CD contains foul language regarding Dharawad rural BJP ticket aspirant Amrutha Desai in connection with Yogesh Gowda murder case. Lawyer Ananda Badi has sought police protection and submitted an application to DC.

As soon as the CD was exposed, BJP members gathered outside DC’s office in Dharawad and started protesting demanding CBI probe into the case. Congress members also gathered in support of Vinay Kulkarni. Tension prevailed as both the groups clashed.

The CD released on Friday contains a voice threatening allegedly lawyer Anand Badi for writing letters and filing FIR as per Desai’s instructions. “We will not keep quiet, we will also start our meter. Tell Desai to do straight politics. Ministership is not permanent, we are ready for anything before entering politics. This is the last warning. Warn Desai too.” The lawyer has reacted saying, “It’s true that FIR was filed. As a lawyer I have to earn my livelihood”

However, Minister Vinay Kulkarni has denied that the voice in the CD is his. 

BJP members were demanding that Minister Vinay Kulkarni should resign and case must be handed over to CBI. Congress members also said that false allegations are made against the minister and tried to break open the DC office gate. BJP members raised slogans that Congress members supporting Kulkarni were paid workers. DC and police commissioner brought the situation under control.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy has stated that Yogesh Reddy’s murder was connected to land dispute between Gowda and Basavarja Muttagi. The case is under investigation and suspects have been arrested, he said.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the allegation that Vinay Kulkarni has a role in Yogesh Gowda’s murder and the allegations made on the basis of audio CD are false. Speaking to mediapersons, he said he has already spoken to Vinay Kulkarni and he has stated that both are false.