It looks like Parvathamma’s future was sealed when her naming ceremony was organised. The child in the cradle was named Parvathamma, and the ceremony was attended by Rajkumar’s (then known as Mutthuraj) father, Singanallur Puttaswamaiah.

As soon as Puttaswamaiah saw the girl child smiling at him from the cradle, he placed a silver coin on her forehead and announced that this girl would be his daughter in law. It is not clear if Mutthuraj was taken to the naming ceremony, but his fate too was sealed with the announcement.

Thus Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju alias Rajkumar got married to Parvathamma on 25 June in 1953, when he was 24 years old, and Parvathamma was just 13. Parvathamma might be young when she got married to Dr Rajkumar, but she played an important role in making Rajkumar big in the Kannada film industry.

Parvathamma has tried to manage a theatre company for survival. From managing the house to the finances of her husband to owning and successfully running one of the biggest production houses ‘Sri Vajreshwari Combines’, Parvathamma has proved her mettle.

She was honoured with Kannada Rajyotsva award and lifetime achievement award from the Government of Karnataka. Parvathamma had produced more than 80 films under Vajreshwari Combines. So much so, she produced Dr Rajkumar’s first big banner movie Trimurty. She went on to cast many newcomers through her movie, and they attribute their success to Vajreshwari Combines.

Parvathamma has been vocal in her stand on Karnataka. She has spoken openly during the water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.