This is Upendra's first missile to kill Bengaluru's problems

First Published 11, Sep 2017, 8:06 PM IST
This is Upendras partys first missile to kill Bengalurus problems Uttama Praja Paksha Prajakarana Bengaluru floods Bengaluru lakes
  • Upendra is back on FB live with solution to desilt lakes and rejuvenate them
  • Recently he was live on FB speaking about making Bengaluru flood-free
  • But who will transform Upendra's ideas into reality?   

Upendra's new party Uttama Praja Party made some noise in the beginning. But then other than the fact that mails and requests to join the party were pouring in, nothing much came out of it.

But it looks like Upendra's Prajakarana has taken its first step and chosen the rejuvenation of lakes as a first step towards reaching out to people.

Anand, expert in water issues met Upendra and showed him the process of desilting the lake, installing silt traps so that once trap is removed it will never come back.

Upendra seems to be impressed by the project which costs Rs 1 crore per lake and make the lake completely silt free.

If government comes forward to take up the project or join hands with people interested in doing so, the work can be done in a lesser cost, said Upendra.

Some days ago when Bengaluru was drowming too he had Facebook live with Sourabh who gave a solution to make Bengaluru free of floods and water clogging.

Here is the FB Live on making Bengaluru water-logging free.

Upendra also said that it is possible to make Bellandur Lake froth-free. But it needs some research on how to do it. Hope his next FB live will be on how to practically make the Bellanduur lake froth-free.

But the question remains, who will take up the projects to de silt the lakes. Of course actor Yash spent money from his pocket and desilted some lakes and has made them usable. Surely Karnataka will greatly benefit if this project practically proved by Yash and proposed by Upendra are taken seriously and acted upon. But who will bell the cat?