The mystery surrounding the death of IAS officer Anurag Tewari is deepening by the day. Right from why and how he was found dead at a roadside in Lucknow to the inconclusive post-mortem report, nothing seems to join the missing dots yet.

Recent reports suggested that Anurag Tewari had urinated when his dead body was found. Lucknow Police sub-inspector Vinay Sharma had first captured pictures of Tewari when he was found dead, reports Kannada Prabha. Forensic Science experts who examined the images confirmed that he had urinated before his death. Loss of bladder control or involuntary passage of faeces is a sign of death by strangulation.

According to UP medico-legal expert YK Pathak, asphyxiation can occur only in the case of accident or murder. One does not die of that cause in an open space. "Tewari could have been murdered somewhere and the body could have been thrown here," he suspects.Tewari's body was found on a roadside, with no obvious way for him to have strangled himself. 

Besides, there are a few other questions that have remained unanswered:

1. No statement by Anurag Tewari's colleague and the one who stayed with him at the guest house. PN Singh, vice president of Lucknow Development Authority was staying with Anurag Tewari in the guest house, prior to the tragedy.

So far, Singh has not given his statement to the police. He is learnt to have gone on leave. Meanwhile, the investigation team that is looking into the death of Anurag Tewari has sought more time to file the report, reports Kannada Prabha.

2. The clothes that Anurag Tewari was wearing at the time of death have gone missing. Interestingly, there has been no match in the clothes that he wore before his death and the ones that were on his body. The clothes have not reached the family either. So where have his clothes gone? Why did he even change his clothes? 

3. Anurag Tewari had booked a flight ticket to return to Bengaluru from Lucknow on May 17. But now it has been learnt that the ticket has been cancelled. There is no clue to say why the booked ticket was rejected or if he had changed his plans. And if he did, then why did he do so?

4. Confusions galore in the post-mortem report. As per a report, the post-mortem was done from 4.45 am to 5.30 am. But Anurag's family has outrightly denied the timeline and claim that the post-mortem began at 5.30 am. Why does there seem to be a delay in the timings? 

Meanwhile, the state government has written a letter to UP government extending its support to the CBI probe. But before that, it would be a fitting tribute to the honest officer, if the government makes a sincere attempt to find the exact cause of death.