The Anti-Tipu Jayanti Horata Samiti is launching a state-wide protest from Oct 25 to Nov 10, against the Tipu Jayanthi that the State Government is hell bent on holding it. The Samithi co-ordinator Addanda Cariyappa has threatened to hold black flag demonstration if the government does not withdraw the celebration, reports Kannada Prabha

Speaking to newspersons on Monday, he said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is twisting the history by claiming that Tipu was the first freedom fighter. Siddaramaiah must apologise for that, demanded Cariyappa. He also accused Siddaramaiah as a ‘mass killer’ by organising Tipu Jayanthi, for Tipu had massacred 850 Kodava families. Kodavas are still angry with Tipu and they will never forget that part of the history. "Holding the Tipu Jayanti is being insensitive to the Kodava's pain," Cariyappa said. 

MP Pratap Simha who too is critical about the Tipu Jayanti, said that Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan tried to make a mega serial on Tipu and he burnt himself in a freak fire accident. Vijay Mallya bought Tipu’s sword and had to leave the country. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has six more months in office and after that he too will disappear, Simha said.