“Meter is a slang used in underworld rowdy language. This is not a term to be used by a respectable current Chief Minister to another respectable former chief minister. No political leader should encroach upon rowdy language” said former minister and BJP spokesperson S Suresh Kumar, reported Kannada Prabha.

Suresh Kumar released a detailed press statement condemning Siddaramaiah for his choice of word “meter” regarding Yeddurappa.  Siddaramaiah had said “Yeddyurappa lacks meter to stand before Modi and ask for farm loan waiver”.  Suresh Kumar said Siddaramaiah used such a rowdy language against a former chief minister.  He should not have used such a term. In the rush to get applause he lowered his dignity.  It is a word used in rowdy world and definitely not to be used by a Chief Minister.”

Suresh Kuamr went on to explain Yeddyurappa’s specialities stating though he does not like to use the word, he is inevitably answering Siddaramaiah in his own language.  He in turn asked if Siddaramaiah has any “meter” to even take appointment with AICC president or vice-president. He said Siddaramaiah has not till now proved it. The entire State knows how long it took him to expand the Cabinet for this reason, Suresh Kumar said.

He said Yeddyurappa had taken up the problems of bonded labourers in Shikaripura even before he became a legislator.  He questioned if Siddaramaiah had, at any point of time, taken up such an agitation to prove “he has meter”?