The curious case of who has been dumping waste into the 42 acres of Horamavu lake in Bengaluru East has now been partly solved. Residents have caught a BBMP tractor red handed as it was dumping debris in the lake bed. The BBMP commissioner has ordered an inquiry.
Residents and activists, who were regularly cleaning the lake on weekends, were often taken by surprise as construction debris -
 Broken tiles, broken commodes and other materials - were continuously illegally dumped on the lake premises. To put an end to this menace, the volunteers became alerted to any vehicle movement. 

On March 14, when the sound of a truck filled the lake's premises, Anuprathia R, a resident close to the lake who wanted to film the truck as evidence, was baffled as it was a BBMP tractor. The BBMP is supposed to be the custodian of Bengaluru's lakes! 
"Due to some personal work, I was working from home on that day. As soon as I heard the truck, I came out and saw the BBMP truck dumping debris. I had given a complaint to the BBMP Commissioner and other officials, but no action has been initiated. The worst is that the illegal dumping has not stopped," she said.
However, when BBMP Assistant Executive Engineer of Horamavu ward was approached by residents demanding action and the stopping of debris dumping in the lake, he seemed to dodge responsibility. 

"The driver had dumped the waste by mistake, and later a few staff members were deputed to clear the debris. The BBMP will have to fence the lake to prevent illegal and nighttime dumping," said Venkatesh, BBMP AEE.
BBMP Commissioner, N Manjunath Prasad also tried to avoid the question by saying he was not aware on any such illegal dumping. However, evidence via photographs and loud complaints on Twitter made him admit to the incident and has assured action in this regard.
Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundation and Lake Activist, accused the BBMP of showing absolute apathy towards its lakes and said officials should be held accountable. 

"The officials cannot say the incident happened by mistake. This is a very irresponsible statement. When the entire city is aware that any dumping of waste of debris is illegal and punishable, the same should principles should apply to BBMP contractors, and he should be booked," said Sridhar Pabbisetty.